Friday, November 18, 2011

Arles, France & Van Gogh

"To do good work one must eat well, be well housed, have one's fling from time to time, smoke one's pipe, and drink one's coffee in peace." ~Van Gogh

I'm very drawn to the work of Van Gogh.  His art is visceral and unapologetic (also revealing an unfortunately tortured soul), yet sublimely beautiful and peaceful at the same time. Following his stay in Paris, he moved to Arles in the south of France where some of his most well-known works were created.  Two of my favorites - "Starry Night over the Rhone" and "Cafe Terrace at Night" - were painted there.  I'd love to visit Arles one day; it must be spectacular at night.  Do comment if you've been there.

Visit here for a brief biography about Van Gogh and more information about his life and work.
Cafe Terrace at Night, 1888

and the cafe today...

Starry Night over the Rhone, 1888. Van Gogh claimed to have a "terrible need for religion" when he painted this.
"The Bedroom" ~ Vincent's room at Arles.  1888.

Around town...

The front door of the place where I would love to stay...L’Hotel Particulier


Love of the Goddess said...

Im a huge fan of Van Gogh! One of my fav's is also Cafe Terrace at Night.

Barbara said...

Glad you liked the post, and thanks for following!

Wendy Lucas said...

I stumbled across your post while googling images of Arles to reminisce over my trip there two summers ago. Just as you guessed, it is beautiful (day and night!! But I agree, the nighttime is lovely there....and the perfect temperature!) I stayed in a wonderful hotel right Cross the square from the yellow cafe..,.Hotel du Forum. Wonderful staff, wonderful breakfast, adorable and comfortable rooms! And so peaceful and quiet! I hope you get to go one day soon!!