Sunday, November 27, 2011

Scorpio Moon

Tell someone who knows astrology that Scorpio is prominent in your chart, and they will either smile knowingly or run away - or both.  A sign of intensity and extremes, Scorpios do nothing halfway, and heaven forbid if you ever do anything to cross them.  They have stingers for a reason.
My moon sign is Scorpio, one of the more difficult lunar placements.  I have a love/hate relationship with my moon sign; while it has its challenges, it has also given me great gifts.  One thing is to be sure - living with this moon sign has not been easy!  If Scorpio is prominent in your chart, then you know what I's an excerpt from Astrodienst:
  • Fixed Water
  • Personal Ruler: Mars
  • Transpersonal Ruler: Pluto
  • Detriment: Venus
  • Fall: Moon
As a fixed water sign, Scorpio is like a very deep, dark, still well. The phrase 'still water runs deep' is particularly appropriate here, because although the surface of the water may be calm, there is always a strong sense of the mysterious and unknown and often frightening depths lying below the surface. At the bottom of the well lies rotten, decayed and decaying detritus which all of us, unless we are Scorpios, would rather not think about. There is an intense magnetism about Scorpio, and people tend to be either strongly attracted or strongly repelled by its atmosphere of inscrutability and controlled power. As a water sign, this magnetism is generated by a powerful emotional intensity which Scorpios will bring with them when they walk into a room, creating a change or a shift in the atmosphere.

  Certainly, there is nothing superficial about this sign, and Scorpios never take life lightly. This sign does not share the tidal nature of Cancer or the fluidity of Pisces. Its stillness, darkness and depth make it the most emotionally intense sign of the zodiac. This is a sign of extremes, ice or fire, black or white, never anything in between, and there is often a kind of obsessive intensity which can be either very destructive or immensely creative. Normally secretive, private and controlled, Scorpios, like volcanoes, will either be dormant or active. It is unlikely that you will ever get anything at all out of a dormant Scorpio - there is an impenetrability and a stillness, and even Scorpio eyes will give nothing at all away. This does not mean, of course, that nothing is happening below the surface. Quite the opposite. Scorpios are processing emotions all the time, and storing up impressions and experiences which will be used later. As a very controlled sign, Scorpio can afford to wait. Scorpio has a prodigious memory, a penetrating mind and a compulsion to probe under the surface. Detectives, depth psychologists, doctors and even potholers, and people working in submarines, 'under the surface', often have an emphasis of planets in Scorpio.
Have you explored your moon sign?  Most of us are familiar with our sun sign (mine is Leo), but your moon sign reveals much more about your hidden, emotional nature - what's underneath the surface.  If you know the time of your birth, go to the calculator here to learn more.  I'll explore the other moon signs in later comment if you're familiar with your own!


MJ said...

I've enjoyed traveling through both your spaces Barbara! I had to comment here as I only recently learned that I have a Scorpio moon sign, and can completely identify with the extremes and doing nothing half way. A gift and a fault. This is all still so new to me though, so I look forward to learning more!

Linda said...

That is what both my hubby and I are...and we are very strong Scorpios when we get going on a project it gets done!!! LOL...Great post and very true!!!

Anonymous said...

Interesting. I just calculated my moon sign and I am a Gemini Moon, but I feel like a Capricorn which is my birth sign. I have both traits though I suppose. :)

Barbara said...

Hi Jennifer ~ Yes, generally our personalities are a combination of our sun sign, moon sign, and rising sign (you need your time of birth to calculate rising signs). It's interesting stuff!

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Hello Barbara,

I have done my chart before, but for some reason I thought rising signs and moon were the same. I am a Scorpio rising and a Gemini moon. It is interesting.

Barbara said...

Ah, Scorpio rising! That would explain your interest in the darker, mysterious things in life.

A lot of people who have Scorpio prominent in their chart have hypnotic eyes. Has anyone ever commented on your eyes?

Riddle in a Rhyme said...

I have both a Scorpio Sun and Scorpio Moon (with a Libra rising to temper the intensity a bit), but I know what's it's like to have the emotional passion, obsession and intensity of both Scorpio placements.. not easy, but worth it in the end..

Lucy s. said...

I am a Scorpio moon & Scorpio rising. Its been incresingly difficult to harness the positive side of life. My sun is cancer. My emotions areall over the place, I got into astrology because it explained so much I couldnt on my own. Still working on the solution tho.

sarah lee said...

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sarah lee said...

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Joyce sv steele said...

I joyce iam cancer with a double scropio i just learn this information less then an yr ago